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Phil Johnson is one of this countries most respected writers and reviewers on contemporary music, He once described Springer's music as a kind of cross between Philip Glass and Chopin. He was referring to the cd 'metonic'. This piece ('metonic' disc2 track 1 ) written for four pianos, each part overdubbed by Mark himself and music for solo piano played by Mark also. This description by Phil Johnson tells us that Springer who shot to fame in the now legendary group 'rip rig and panic' has been developing a very distinctive and personal sound world that combines both his skill and virtuosity at the piano. Such as this piece from 'Menu' which beautifully highlights his quicksilver like touch ('menu' cd track 3) and his jazz and classical influences ('menu' track 1) and also a highly developed compositional structure in 'String Quartets' such as ('string quartets' disc1 track 3).

Springer quotes "some of my musical inspirations are the musicians who combined both composition with knowledge of instrumental virtuosity, and knowing the art of playing as well as composing." Springer's new cd 'Menu' now released by four worlds media on the 23 July 2013 and exemplifies his approach to creating a firm and solid compositional structure and then introducing an element of unexpected spontaneous response to that structure such as ('menu' disc1 track 10).

After 'rip rig and panic' Springer recorded several more cd's for Virgin records including the cd 'Menu' which combine-again these elements of compositional structures and free elements within. Mark has long felt that Jazz in many ways has been the single most significant new music to have emerged in the last one hundred years. But in more recent years one of the reasons Jazz has not really developed beyond a kind of pastiche of itself is that it's proponents do not focus enough on the composition and overall structures . Mark feels that "you can't rely just on technical ability but that you have to develop the compositions to a much further point than ever before." Another good example of this would be From the cd 'metonic' (first cd track 6) music for four pianos where the piece is structured throughout but is also improvised throughout and it is almost impossible to tell where one thing exists Over the other.

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Mark at the Flat Lake Festival

The flat lake festival is held in Ireland on the border between north and south in the grounds of a stately home. The yearly festival at flat lake featured music, art, literature, poetry, and other forms of entertainment. Often actors give talks on their latest films and theatre work. Mark performed a solo piano concert in the main hall and the performance was filmed by Irish national television and then edited into the piece you can now see above. Springer's work can range from improvisatory sections through into newly composed pieces .

The last few minutes of the flat lake Concert is a version of the piece that starts the new PaxTrio CD 'First Light ' 'the other moon', which is due for release this autumn on The Exit Label. The flat lake music showcases Springer's ability to create a steady pulse which can move between slow languorous chords to a minimalist and sometimes twisting right hand that seem to always turn In unexpected combinations and clusters . In the flat lake performance Mark also echoes some of the music on his new CD 'Menu' due for release on July 23-2013 by Four Worlds Media.


Mark Composing his new piece